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The Learning Innovation Network (LIN) is the network of academic professionals from higher education that support academic professional development (APD) for staff in the Irish higher education sector, particularly the Institutes of Technology.

LIN was established to support teaching, learning and innovation, through collaboration and reform. In addition to piloting numerous APD special purpose awards, LIN has validated a Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma in Learning, Teaching and Assessment specifically for educational practitioners. LIN has been a leader in implementing the recommendations of the Hunt report, particularly in ongoing development and improvement of teaching skills and flexible learning structures.

The following issues, identified by the 2011 National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 (Hunt report) as a priority to enhance the student experience have always been prioritised by LIN:

A framework for developing quality teaching and learning (including qualifications to teach).

Student satisfaction with quality of their teaching and learning.

Quality assurance, including the use of learning outcomes and the development of subject guidelines.

The LIN project received the highest ranking in the 2010 HEA commissioned SIF review. LIN was acknowledged by Dr Gordon Davies, as ‘a well-regarded project which has been important in stimulating collaboration among IoTs’.

The report considers the Academic Development Programme (APD) as ‘impressive’. Based on the recommendations of Davies the HEA has continued funding LIN through the Institutes of Technology Ireland (IOTI) and has formally acknowledged the positive impact that LIN has had across the HE sector.