Enhancing the Learning Experience: Learning for an Unknown Future (Barnett, 2004)

LIN 2011 4th Annual Learning Innovation Network Conference

October 27th 2011

Ashling Hotel, Dublin

The 5th Learning Innovation Network (LIN) Annual Conference took place on 11th October 2012 in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.  LIN, a sectoral project, is the network of academic professionals from higher education that support academic professional development (APD) for staff in the Institutes of Technology and DIT. The LIN conference provides a forum to discuss practice and theory in higher education.

The three sub-themes were:

  • First year experience
  • Diversity of the learner experience
  • Staff development for learning and teaching

Keynote: Prof. Douglas Thomas

Douglas Thomas has been a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California since 1993. He is the author or editor of five books, including his most recent work A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change (with co-author John Seely Brown). During his time at USC, he has focused his research on radical cultures of learning at the intersections of technology and culture, beginning with the underground worlds of computer hackers and virus writers. He has studied the open source programming community as well as a decade long ethnographic research project of the culture learning in and around computer games.




The presentations given at the conference for each of the three sub-themes are below.

First year experience

The evolving objectives of (business) education demand creativity be championed in first year course design Jeff Taylor DBS, Conor Horan DIT

Social Media and/in Education – where do you stand? Geraldine McDermott AIT

Shared social video in higher education blended business programmes Denis Cullinane

Action Accounting: supporting the first year student Frances Boylan DIT, Alice Luby DIT, Tony Kiely DIT, Rebecca Maughan DIT

Action Accounting: supporting the first year student Frances Boylan DIT, Alice Luby DIT, Tony Kiely DIT, Rebecca Maughan DIT

Seeking a New Level – an examination of the factors that affect Level 7 first year Engineering Students in DIT and the effect of two initiatives on their learning experience Domhnall Sheridan DIT, Michael Carr DIT, Anselm Griffin DIT, Louis Bucciarelli MIT

Changing Minds: challenging student attitudes to introductory physics Leah Wallace LIT, Regina Kelly LIT


Integrating theory and practice: enhancing assessment in the First Year Elizabeth Noonan UCD, Geraldine O’Neill UCD

Diversity of the Learner experience

Staff Development

Engaging and preparing students for future roles – community based learning learning in DIT Catherine Bates DIT

A simple seminar series or a significant source of professional development: an Institute of Technology perspective Catherine Lowry O’Neill WIT, Laura Widger WIT

Managing a time effective assessment process to maximise a quality learning experience Marion Palmer IADT, Jen Harvey DIT