The Student Led Learning group is a LIN Special Interest Group (SIG).


Members of EDIN work in Irish universities, institutes of technology and other higher education institutions. 


The Learning & Teaching unit is dedicated to the support and advancement of learning and teaching in Athlone Institute of Technology. 


The Centre for Educational Development (CED) has been established in the Institute of Technology, Tralee to support and advance the areas of teaching, learning and learner support.  


The remit of the LTTC in DIT is to provide professional development opportunities for academic staff through a suite of postgraduate programmes in third level learning and teaching, as well as providing training workshops and consultancy supports to Departments, Schools and Faculties on matters related to pedagogies, programme design, assessment strategies and student support. 


Teaching and learning in IADT is supported and developed by the Teaching and Learning Committee. This is a representative sub-committee of Academic Council.


The activities of the TLU in CIT range from developing effective teaching and learning environments, developing and disseminating Institute policies on teaching, learning and assessment and supporting the design of modules and programmes


GMIT Centre for Educational Development was established in 2011. The aim of GMIT CED is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching through a variety of approaches including innovative approaches to student engagement, assessment and staff development.